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as of 03/17/2015

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The next website addition

by Temple Trucking 3. August 2009 11:45
What would you like to see on our site?
Live Chat
Online Tracking/Invoicing

Total Votes: 18

Our poll about which feature you would most like added to our site is closed. The results are to the left and can also be found on the polls archive page. I'm hoping for a few follow up answers from those that voted. If you voted (doesn't matter which way), please comment with why you voted the way you did, and what kind of information you would be looking for during a chat session or in a tracking/invoice system.

We're always looking for ways to serve you better, and we hope that the things we've done already this year have done that (getting in the ACI guide, new phone systems, this website!). Despite the results of the poll, which was pretty even, we're still going to be looking into both of the options that were presented. I think being able to get invoices and tracking information online is something that everyone wants, and we want you to be able to get in touch with us and get the information you need in whatever way you choose, whenever you want.  Whether that's with a phone call, a fax, an email, a web chat, or on our website.  We're not there yet, but we're working on it and we'll try to keep you posted along the way.

- Keep on truckin'


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