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* Based on EIA Price for the Midwest

** See Fuel Addendum for more information.

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Inclement Weather

by Erinn Owen 25. December 2012 22:58
Due to today's inclement weather and the safety concern for our employees, TTSI Holdings Inc dba Temple Trucking Services will be closed.   We should resume normal operations tomorrow 12/27/2012.  We will have a person on call for any questions or concerns.  Thank You



Rate Increase October 15, 2012

by Erinn Owen 5. October 2012 06:39

 Valued Customers,

Thank you for your continued support of T.T.S.I. Holdings, Inc. dba Temple Trucking Services.  We greatly appreciate your business and the support that you have given to all our terminals.  We have reviewed our rates and accessorial charges and have determined that it is necessary to implement a minimal increase.  For a copy of our new rates please either email eowen@ttsv.com or visit our website at www.ttsv.com.  These will take affect October 15, 2012.  Our fuel surcharge will remain on a “sliding scale” which is determined by the USDOE.   Again, we are truly thankful for our relationship with all of you and look forward to all of our companies prospering in the years to come.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you might have. 


Paul C. Temple


TTSI Holdings, Inc.

dba Temple Trucking Services


News | Rates


by Erinn Owen 22. December 2011 05:55

Effective January 1, 2012

Temple Trucking Services is moving it's Louisville Office.

Please change the physical locaiton for this office:


dba Temple Trucking Services

4850 Crittenden Dr., Ste. C

Louisville, KY  40209

Our phone numbers will remain the same.

800-950-0596 - Office

502-961-9500 - Local

502-961-7160 - Fax

Please keep your remit to address as:

P.O. BOX 421078

Indianapolis, IN  46242


Thank you for your continued business!!



Important Notice

by Temple Trucking 15. June 2010 01:18

Effective with the close of business on June 25, 2010 TTSI Holdings, Inc. DBA Temple Trucking Services will no longer offer service to central Illinois from our Urbana, IL terminal.  This change will affect only the cities served as CMI points.

The current state of our Nation's economy and the costs of doing business in the State of Illinois have forced our company to make this very difficult decision.  We thank you for your support and wish your company continued success.

Temple Trucking Services values your business and will continue to serve our other markets via our IND and SDF terminals and we hope to continue to serve your transportation needs in those cities.

Thank you and please contact our HQ in Indianapolis with any questions or concerns you may have.

TTSI Holdings, Inc.
DBA Temple Trucking Services

Paul C. Temple

Tracking Site Alternative

by Temple Trucking 21. January 2010 03:43

Our vendor has been having some problems with our tracking site.  After logging in, users are logged out after an unspecified amount of time before they can retrieve any relevant information.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Please be assured that we have notified our vendor of the problem and we are working on a resolution.

It seems like a good time to remind our customers that we can also offer automated emails containing POD information.  Please contact us online or at one our our locations if you might be interested in this.

An Alternative

For our customers who have Microsoft Silverlight installed you might have more luck with our vendor's beta tracking site.  Your current username/password will work with this site as well.  Keep in mind that this is a beta site and doesn't contain full functionality.  You will be able to check the status of your shipments as well as download hard copy POD's and other paperwork that has been scanned.

Don't have Silverlight?

Please let us know if you don't use Silverlight.  Help us serve you better.

Online Tracking

by Jeff Owen 27. August 2009 05:48

There is now a link to log in to our online tracking and invoicing system. Please note that this service is not hosted by us. In order to use this service you will need to contact us for a login and password. Please post here or contact us with any problems you may have. This is the first time we've been live with this system, so please be patient with us as we deal with any problems.

EDIT:  We also have the ability to send automated POD information to an email address that you provide.  Please contact us if you're interested in this feature.

The next website addition

by Temple Trucking 3. August 2009 11:45
What would you like to see on our site?
Live Chat
Online Tracking/Invoicing

Total Votes: 18

Our poll about which feature you would most like added to our site is closed. The results are to the left and can also be found on the polls archive page. I'm hoping for a few follow up answers from those that voted. If you voted (doesn't matter which way), please comment with why you voted the way you did, and what kind of information you would be looking for during a chat session or in a tracking/invoice system. More...

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Pictures of our Indianapolis Terminal

by Temple Trucking 2. June 2009 12:00

 It was a nice day to take some pictures at our Indianapolis location. More...


by Temple Trucking 20. May 2009 09:10

TTSI Holdings, Inc. DBA Temple Trucking Services

Welcome to our new website. We are still in the early stages of setting up our new site and we hope that all of the information we include here will be helpful to you - our valued customers. More...

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